I wish to remove content that concerns me but of which i am not the author

If certain content is harmful to you, it is possible to request its removal from our services, provided that you have first contacted or attempted to contact the person or people who created it. This is a legal provision required by article 6.1.5 of the LCEN that we have decided to transpose into this guide for two reasons:

  • It allows the authors to be aware of your request and possibly respond to it.
  • It demonstrates your commitment to maintaining a balance between respecting freedom of expression and excessive censorship.

How to contact the authors of content?

Here are one guide to follow to contact the authors on Scamdoc:

You must therefore make contact with all the authors of content who, in your opinion, are causing you harm. If no response is provided within 3 days, you can forward your request to us via the form presented below.

This step is essential because the justificatory elements of contact (screenshots, letters, etc.) will be requested in the form.

Important Information:

  • In an effort to be transparent, Signal-Scams references content removal requests on the site Legalnuke.com: this informs the public and the requesters (those who ask for removals) of the decision regarding moderation.
  • Moderation requests are largely carried out automatically without human analysis. Completeness of the form elements is therefore essential!

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