Scamdoc User Guide

Welcome to the Scamdoc user guide. Here you will find numerous resources dedicated to the users of the site and to the owners of the websites analyzed.

Resources for Internet users

  • What is Scamdoc? What is it used for?
  • Are the information provided by Scamdoc reliable? Is it a trustworthy site?
  • How to use Scamdoc? How to verify the reliability of a website or an address?
  • Can I leave a review on Scamdoc? How to do so?
  • Can Scamdoc protect me against all online scams?
  • If a site displays a low trust score, should I definitely avoid using it?
  • How to modify or delete a comment that I have posted? (under construction)
  • Is there a Scamdoc browser extension?
  • Is there a Scamdoc mobile application?
  • Am I anonymous when I post a comment on Scamdoc?
  • What is the “Scamdoc Standard”?

Resources for website owners

  • Some information from the Scamdoc analysis is incorrect, I would like to inform you… (under construction)
  • Illicit comments are harming my website, what can I do? (under construction)
  • How to improve my website’s score on Scamdoc? (under construction)
  • How frequently does Scamdoc reevaluate my website?
  • Score review form
  • Report a score calculation anomaly (under construction)
  • My site has been recently modified/improved, how can I request a new evaluation on Scamdoc?

Common Resources (for everyone)

  • Who is behind Scamdoc? Who created it? (under construction)
  • How does work? (under construction)
  • What are the criteria on which Scamdoc bases its scoring?
  • Legal notice of (under construction, they are currently available here)
  • Privacy policies (under construction, they are currently available here)