I want to improve my website’s trust score

Scamdoc allows website owners to provide additional information to improve the displayed trust score.

If your site clearly displays the owner’s identity and/or its practices do not pose risks to users (consumers, investors…), it may be worthwhile to fill out an enrichment form.

Attention: The enrichment form does not guarantee a score increase. It simply allows you to provide additional information to the algorithm so it can adjust the trust score and bring your site to Scamdoc’s attention for a human review. In some rare cases, the score may be negatively impacted if risk criteria are identified during the review.

Why and how can my score be affected?

The Scamdoc scoring relies on an algorithm that uses various technical data, information collected from the sites themselves, and from third-party services. Adherence to legislation and best practices can improve the trust score, while other factors may reduce it.

What criteria does Scamdoc use?

The main criteria are displayed here.

What do you choose?