Scoring criteria

The score displayed by when analyzing a website relies on a multitude of criteria. These are directly displayed under the score with the aim of providing additional information to both Internet users and website owners.

Here is an example:

Different types of criteria (documentation in progress)

There are several types of criteria:

  • Positive criteria which are likely to increase the rating
  • Negative criteria which, for the most part, tend to decrease the score (some of them are displayed for informational purposes only and do not impact the rating).
  • Invisible criteria which, as their name suggests, are not displayed but can impact the scoring either positively or negatively to a small extent. These criteria, automatically assigned, are often not meaningful to Internet users (too technical), which explains the decision to obfuscate them.

Although the list of criteria continues to grow with each update of the algorithm, you will find below the main criteria used.