Terms of Use

Welcome to the Scamdoc website. Before continuing your navigation and participating in our community, it is important to be aware of the general terms of use that govern our platform.

Compliance with Legislation

Every contribution on our site, whether it be scam reports or comments, must strictly comply with the law.

Here are the fundamental principles to respect:

  • Avoid any racist remarks or incitement to hatred.
  • Do not promote any violation of the law.
  • Refrain from any defamatory comments.
  • Prohibit denigration, especially against competitors.
  • Do not share personal data of clearly identified individuals: the details you enter are intended to denounce fraudsters using false identities or professionals whose practices violate customers’ rights. At no point does this give you the right to disseminate the personal details of a clearly identified person.

European regulations and French law are the default legal references on our site.

Adherence to the Community Charter

Every contributor to Scamdoc must adhere to the community charter.

User Responsibility

It is essential to emphasize that you are solely responsible for the content you publish, whether it be reports or comments. Our role is limited to that of a host, intervening in the moderation of manifestly illegal content.

Retention of Navigation Data

For security and legal compliance reasons, information related to your navigation on Scamdoc is retained for a period of one year. These data may be transmitted to authorities in the event of a legally founded request. Except for this specific case, they remain confidential.

Role of Scamdoc

It is important to understand that Scamdoc is not a legal authority. Its objective is to inform the user community about potential scams.

  • Scamdoc does not replace the filing of an official complaint.
  • Scamdoc is an initiative of the private company Heretic SAS, independent of any governmental organization.
  • We regularly collaborate with competent authorities.

If you encounter any difficulties on the site, do not hesitate to contact us.